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Welcome to the Inferno blog—your one-stop shop for all things cannabis-related to keep you informed. At Inferno, we love the fact that we can provide top-shelf craft cannabis to the state. However, we’re also proud to be part of the greater cannabis community. Therefore, we like to use our position to keep our followers informed about what’s going down in the world or weed, at our cultivation facility, and more. Check out a few reasons to stay connected with Inferno and what you can expect to see on the Inferno blog below.

THC Trichomes on Cannabis Flower by Inferno

Get to Know Us at Inferno Cannabis

Hi, we’re Inferno. We bring the heat with the best craft cannabis in the Bay State. However, there’s a lot to know about our missions and what we’re all about at Inferno, and we’re eager to share everything with our fans along the way. Keep an eye on our blog where we will share consistent updates about what we’re doing behind the scenes. You may be the first to know about a new strain we’re working on, where you may see our craft flower next, or even who the people are that make Inferno what it is.

Familiarize Yourself with Inferno Cannabis Strains

Have you heard about our very own rock star cannabis strain named Elvis that’s already nabbed some impressive awards? Did you know we have a strain called Wedding Pie that’s being referred to as an elevated spinoff of the notorious Wedding Cake? We even have Grapes & Cream, which is said to be one of the most potent, flavorful strains in the state.

Our blog is the perfect place to get to know each of our cultivars on a more personal level. We’ll offer insight into the strains you know and love, let you know when something new is heading to MA dispensaries, and show you all the ways our flower is truly fire.

Get the Latest MA Cannabis News and Updates

The Mass cannabis market is one of the most mature in New England, which is great because we’ve mostly overcome those regulatory bumps in the road. However, occasionally, something does come up with the cannabis market in MA that can affect cannabis customers. We will keep you informed about all the latest news and updates taking place so you can remain just as informed about cannabis in MA as we are.

Find Out About Upcoming Cannabis Events in Massachusetts

Are you looking for insight about the next big cannabis event? No doubt, Massachusetts is home to some of the best events when it comes to celebrating cannabis and mingling with fellow community members who have an affinity for good weed. The Flower Expo in Greenfield, the New England Cannabis Convention (NECANN) in Boston, and 420 celebrations across the state—keep your eye on our blog to get the details about all of these and more!

Learn Important Information About Cannabis

While cannabis has been in Massachusetts for a while, by all rights, it is still new to many people. When you start learning about cannabis, having a reliable voice to show you the way can mean everything. You can count on Inferno to share important information about cannabis, so you can be a more educated consumer.

Maybe you want to know more about terpenes, the differences between THC and CBD, or even how to find the best strain for a preferred experience. There is so much to learn about weed, and the more you know, the more you can reap the advantages of our favorite plant. We will add informational pieces to our blog that provide invaluable insight to take with you on your cannabis journey.

Welcome to the Inferno Blog. Ready to Learn and Grow with Us?

We may be a relatively new name for cannabis in Massachusetts, but customers are quickly learning we’re about more than providing premium flower. We’re here to offer cannabis education, information about events, and the latest newsworthy weed updates. Inferno can be your go-to for reliable information about cannabis. Be sure to sign up for the Inferno newsletter from our homepage to stay updated and in the loop about what you can find on our blog.


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