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Small Batch Drops of Premium Cannabis in Massachusetts


welcome to inferno

Limited release cannabis buds grown with passion in Massachusetts

Our hand-selected, limited-edition strains are cultivated in small batches, so every aspect of quality is monitored during the growth process. Meticulously crafted by our seasoned cultivation team, every batch of cannabis from Inferno embodies the pinnacle of cannabis excellence.

Our process begins with careful seed selection, focusing on choosing only the most esteemed genetics for cultivation. From there, our hands-on growing, harvesting, and curing methods ensure optimal flavor and potency. This isn’t your average flower; it’s a symbol of status and exclusivity, tailored for discerning cannabis enthusiasts who demand unparalleled quality in cannabis.

The streets are buzzing:

Customers are happy

Elvis by Inferno is on another level, terps are outrageous.

AP via email

Don't sleep on Inferno flower, they are bringing some fire to Mass

RL via X

I smoked it all, then went back to get more. Keep me in the loop for future drops! 🙏🙏

CR via Instagram

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